IN PICS: Reindeer take awesome photos on ice

IN PICS: Reindeer take awesome photos on ice
A reindeer mother photographs her newly born calf. Photo: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)
A group of reindeer in Norway have taken intimate pictures of their own lives, after researchers hung cameras around their necks and left them for four years as the animals roamed.
The animals, who were also fitted with GPS tags, took a total of 140,000 photos over a four-year period, most of which were just fur. But the few that worked have created a unique close-up record of the extraordinary lives of the animals.
“There’s something about the reindeer, you know,” Olav Strand, the researcher for  the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (Nina) behind the project, told NRK.  
“Think about it: in the worst storms there have ever been, even in the middle of winter in the snow and cold, the reindeer have been there, and they survive. We know that, but we’ve never been able to see it – until now.” 
Strand, who is based in Trondheim, has been observing reindeer for decades but wanted to find a way to observe the animals throughout the year. 
A book of the images, ‘Midt i flokken’, or ‘In the Middle of the Pack’, will be published this month by the Norwegian publisher Kom Forlag. 

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