A couple’s windy adventures on Lofoten

A couple's windy adventures on Lofoten
Atle Bråthen caught the first big storm of the Autumn. Photo: Screen Grab
If you've ever wondered whether you should visit Norway’s far-flung Lofoten Islands, this video diary of a young couple's (very windy and rainy) week in the archipelago will provide the answer.
Atle Bråthen, who works as a film and video editor, shot the film with his girlfriend on a trip earlier this month, livening up his shots of the towering peaks, glorious beaches, and historic villages with foolish antics. 
“Although all the other seasons also paid a visit, we encountered the first full storm that autumn, with winds well over 30metres a second, and a lot of rain,” Bråthen writes under the video post on Vimeo. “That being said, there was one day it didn’t rain!”

One week in Lofoten from Atle Bråthen on Vimeo.