The Scream appears in a freshly sawn plank

The Scream appears in a freshly sawn plank
The Scream appeared in a piece of wood Erling Vindfjell brought in for the fire. Photo: Gunn Helga Vindfjell
“I felt as though a vast, endless scream passed through nature,” wrote Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. This week it passed through again, appearing in a freshly sawn plank.
Erling Vindfjell was sawing planks for a house he is building near Seljord, three hours west of Oslo, when he spotted the mysterious apparition. 
“He was making planks on a saw and there it was,” his daughter in law Gunn Helga Vindfjell told The Local. “He called my husband and said 'don’t throw it away!'. They were both working and they were making a fire to warm themselves.” 
The family has since named the accidental artwork “The Scream in the Forest” and are aiming to conserve it for posterity. 
“We want to keep it somewhere where no one can get hold of it. It must surely be treated as an art object,” Vindfjell told Norway's VG newspaper, which first recorded her discovery.  
She told The Local that she did not believe there was any cosmic significance to the find. 
“I’m not superstitious, so I don’t think there’s anything strange about it,” she said. “But I expect that some people will think that.” 
Only last year, the iconic artwork appeared in a tree stump