Icelander in death-defying golfing stunt

Icelander in death-defying golfing stunt
Sigurdur Hauksson proves even golf can look dangerous. Photo: Instagram/Screen Grab
Sigurdur Hauksson, an Icelandic golfer and skier, has posted a video of himself doing a trick golf shot while balanced on Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged in a crevasse nearly 1,000m above a fjord in Norway.
The video, which has already been posted on news sites around the world, shows that the tragic death of Kristin Kafcaloudis, the Australian student who fell from Trolltunga, has done little to end the trend of shooting selfies and videos while balanced precariously on Norwegian mountain ledges. 
“To the 19th hole!” Hauksson wrote on Instagram. “Made my heart go a little bit wild, only 989m above the ocean.”
Gold magazine Golf Digest lightly mocked Hauksson’s shot, which involved him bouncing a ball on the face of his wedge iron, before tapping it into the air. 
“His swing at the end is rather feeble, with no weight shift,” the magazine points out. “It might have something to do with the 3,245-foot drop to the fjord below should he have made a single false step.” 
Kjeragbolten, half way up Norway’s Mount Kjerag, looks as if it could topple at any moment, but has in fact stood in place since 50,000BC. 
The popular tourist attraction was featured in Where the Hell is Matt? one of the first video series to get a popular following following the launch of YouTube in 2005. 

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