Humpback whales play under the Aurora

Humpback whales play under the Aurora
Humpback whales frolic under the pulsing green Northern Lights. Photo: Screen Grab
A Norwegian photographer has captured amazing footage of humpback whales playing at night under the Aurora Borealis.

“On my journey, I suddenly came across a group of humpback whales that were playing in the Northern Lights. I went back the next day to see if I could come closer,” Harald Albrigtsen, who shot the images told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK. “After a few hours I had almost given up, but then they showed up again.” 

Albrigtsen, who works as a photographer for NRK, spends much of his free time capturing the Aurora Borealis in his home town of Tromsø in northern Norway.

He used a new Sony A7 camera, one of a new generation of cameras which can capture images in extremely low-light conditions, allowing photographers to film the Northern Lights at the same time as capturing moving objects for the first time. .
“Many may be getting tired of standard Northern Lights photography. Now, there is an opportunity to capture living beings under the Northern Lights. The possibilities for creating new images are greater,”  Albrigtsen said. 
“It was a great feeling when I saw that I had managed to capture the whales under the Northern Lights for two days in a row. I didn't even know if they were in focus.”