Norway bodybuilder skit goes inexplicably viral

A humour video of Norwegian bodybuilders visiting the miniature town of Lilleputthammer to 'make themselves feel bigger' has somehow won more than a million views on YouTube.

Norway bodybuilder skit goes inexplicably viral
The body builders walking down the high street of Lilleputhammer. Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube

The sketch, aired on the TVNorge comedy show En helt vanlig dag (A completely ordinary day), shot to the top of the video list on the content sharing site Reddit, with more than 5,000 upvotes. 

In the video, three bodybuilders, who feel that they are insufficiently 'buff' or 'swol', visit Lilliputthammer, a theme park based around a miniature replica of the high street of the Norwegian town of Lillehammer.

“This tiny cup of coffee is lovely, it even makes my calves look bigger,” one of the men says as he sips a toy cup on a tiny chair.

The bodybuilders go on to do push-ups on tiny benches, ride on a tiny motor cycle, and try to fit through a child-sized door.

“We’re a bunch of body builders who come here to Lilleputthammer where they have built a tiny town. And here we are really big. And that really boosts our self-esteem,” one says. 

“We reached a point where we couldn’t get any bigger. So instead we chose to visit a place which makes us look a lot bigger.“

Although the bulging men seem to enjoy their visit to this tiny town, their dream is to visit a place that would make them feel huge.

“Our dream is to visit that place from The Lord of the Rings – Hobbiton. There we’ll look enormous”



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