CCTV of Norway man kidnapped on Philippines

A CCTV video of the kidnap of a Norwegian, two Canadians, and a Filipino on the island of Samal on Monday night has been released, showing the assailants taking the victims away at gunpoint.

CCTV of Norway man kidnapped on Philippines
The gunmen are seen here forcing the tourists over a narrow bridge. Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube

The video, which was taken at night, shows shows the kidnappers not even bothering to cover their faces as they abducted Kjartan Sekkingstad, a Norwegian and operations manager of the Ocean View marina Canadians John Ridsdel and Robert Hall, and a Filipina woman. 

In the video, at least ten people, many carrying weapons, frogmarch the abductees were over a narrow foot bridge, and there are signs of a struggle as one person appears to resist. 

Police report that two boats believed to have used by the kidnappers have been found, and that the victims were probably  taken to a mountainous region in the south. 

The Philippines' GMA News Online site also reports that a Japanese woman and her Canadian husband were able to escape the kidnappers by jumping into the water from one of the boats.

Police and military are now trying to track down the kidnappers, though no group has claimed responsibility for the crime.  

“From Governor Generoso, you can tell the general direction of where they are going,” military spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla told news agency DPA. “The general direction is the tip of Zamboanga towards Basilan and Sulu areas.”

“We have deployed all available ground, air and naval assets in the area to help in the search and pursuit operations.”

Canadian authorities have changed their travel advice, warning travelers to the region to “exercise a high degree of caution” because of the terror threat.

The Norwegian Foreign ministry does not advise people to stay away from the region, but travel advice has been updated.


“We have updated our travel advice on our websites and we inform people that there has been a situation in the area. As of yet, we have not changed our travel advice, but we are keeping track of the situation continuously,” Veslemøy Salvesen of the Ministry of Foreign affairs told Norway's VG newspaper.


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