Norway ‘Duck Army’ video goes crazy viral

Norway 'Duck Army' video goes crazy viral
The ducks being primed to scream. Photo: YouTube screen grab
A nine second video of rubber ducks* apparently screaming with excruciating pain, made in Norway, has gone viral, reaching 7.8 million views on Youtube.

22-year-old Kevin Innes from Norway was buying supplies for his car trailer when he spotted a large metal cage full of dog toys. He wanted to embarrass his girlfriend, so he pressed all of the toys at once, creating a chorus that sounded eerily like a chorus of tortured humans.

When a Facebook post of the clip. originally recorded on the Vine app, was shared 100,000 times, he uploaded it to YouTube, where its views quickly shot into the millions. 
He told the UK's Guardian newspaper, which crowned it “the best thing on the Internet today”  that  he was slightly unnerved by his video's sudden success.
“I am really excited about this but again.. it's really scary because I'm just a normal guy who does normal things,” he told the UK's Guardian newspaper.
Like with all internet memes, Duck Army soon had its remixes and followers, including versions riffing off Adele, Taylor Swift, the Lion King, Sponge Bob and the Simpsons. 

MythBuster's co-host Adam Savage had to try the ducks out himself, and was able to replicate the sound. 
 “I felt a great disturbance in #TheForce, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced,” Savage tweeted , quoting “Star Wars.”

*The Local is aware that the dog toys in question may in fact be geese, or as the Guardian claim pelicans.  















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