Norwegian woman jailed for rape revenge

Norwegian woman jailed for rape revenge
Follo District Court. Photo: Håkon Mosvlad Larsen / NTB scanpix
A woman has been sentenced in Follo District Court to five months in prison for asking two male friends to attack her boyfriend in retaliation for raping her in 2013, according to the Norwegian NTB news service.

The court heard that the woman tricked the man into coming to a deserted beach car park near Drøbak, 30kms south of Oslo in June last year. He was then set upon by two masked men who beat him so badly he was on crutches for several weeks afterwards. The woman sat in a nearby car and watched the attack.

The boyfriend, who had raped his girlfriend in February 2013, recognised the voice of one of his assailants and reported the assault to the police.

Follo District Court sentenced the woman to five months' imprisonment, while a 21 year old man – who was the most active perpetrator – received six months in prison. The second attacker was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.

The beaten boyfriend was recently sentenced to 360 hours community service for grossly negligent rape. He, and the woman who organised his beating, split up in September 2014, three months after the attack.

According to the court, “they had had a long and turbulent relationship.”