Mystery of ‘kidnapped’ Norwegian sheep

Police were scratching their heads on Monday, after four sheep went missing from a field in Vinstra, 240kms north of Oslo, only to turn up more than 80 kms away in a shopping centre car park in Lillehammer.

Mystery of ‘kidnapped’ Norwegian sheep
Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

The four kidnapped sheep, still wearing their identity tags, were found in the parking lot of the Strandtorget shopping center in Lillehammer.

Farmer Ståle Roven reported the missing sheep to the Vinstra police. “I’m shocked that someone would do this,” Roven told the Norwegian newspaper GD.

“I can understand that some people might be irritated by sheep grazing near their property, but I didn’t think this was possible.”

“Someone must have lured them into a vehicle during the night and driven them all the way to Lillehammer,” Roven told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

The sheep have now been returned to Vinstra.

“This is a very unusual case,” Trygve Ulset of the Gudbrandsdal Police District told GD. “It must be covered by the criminal code, but I don’t know which paragraph. We have to investigate this further.”