Norwegians ‘have it too good to go abroad’

Norwegians 'have it too good to go abroad'
Jan Grønbech believes Norwegians should work out of the country more often. Photo: Twitter profile
Norwegians are so comfortably off at home that it is almost impossible to get them to take positions abroad, the head of Google in Norway has complained.
“We are constantly looking for Norwegian graduates who want to work in Dublin — or London, the US and Australia for that matter. But it is almost impossible,” Jan Grønbech told Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv newspaper
“Norwegians are the only people we struggle to get to move to offices abroad. It’s pretty special.” 
According to Grønbech, Norwegians exhibit a “total lack of adventurousness and ambition”. 
“We quite simply have it so incredibly good at home,” he explained. “They are not keen on going overseas and it’s a perpetual challenge.” 
He said that even though most Norwegians recognised that working abroad would look good on their CVs and help boost their career progression, this did not seem to be enough to motivate them 
“They think: ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s going so well anyway’, so they don't care what they have on their CV, and it’s incredibly sad.” 

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