Norway’s women footballers: “We suck”

The Norwegian women’s football team has made a hilarious mockumentary attacking gender stereotypes, admitting they “suck, plain and simple”

Norway’s women footballers: “We suck”
In the video, produced by Norwegian broadcaster NRK, defender Trine Rønning, forward Emilie Haavi and goalkeeper Ingrid Hjelmseth make unexpected revelations, such that they do not understand the offside rule, have trouble remembering to kick the ball, not throw it, and they feel the goal is just “way too big”.
Dekkerhus, dubbed “Norway’s hottest soccer player”, admits to being forced to switch teams, as all her teammates fell in love with her.
“Lesbians everywhere, it's teeming with them”, she said. close to tears.  
In fact, in Norway don’t actually suck, or at least they haven't in this year's World Cup in Canada.
This week they are set to face England, after qualifying from group B with two wins and a draw.
The video also make a number of suggestions to FIFA to make the game easier to play, including smaller fields, and the use of a plastic tees for free kicks.


Nordic countries to launch joint bid to host 2027 World Cup

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland want to jointly host the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2027.

Nordic countries to launch joint bid to host 2027 World Cup
Sweden players during this year's World Cup in France. Photo: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

The five Nordic nations want to share hosting duties for the 2027 edition of the World Cup finals and are to present the idea to the Nordic Council at a meeting in Stockholm on Tuesday, Danish football association DBU has confirmed.

FIFA is already positively disposed to joint bids for future finals tournaments, which has lent encouragement to the Nordic project, according to DBU's chairman Jesper Møller.

“We can see that support for women's football is here to stay, most recently at the (2019) World Cup in France, where matches were played in front of full stadiums and television viewers' interest was huge,” Møller said.

“A joint Nordic World Cup would not only ensure a fantastic experience for many football fans but will also strengthen important Nordic partnerships and community, and hopefully inspire many football-keen women and girls,” he continued.

“That's why support from the Nordic Council is important,” he added.

The Nordic Council (Nordisk Råd) is the official body for inter-parliamentary co-operation among the five Nordic countries and three territories of the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and the Åland Islands.

DBU is also looking into the possibility of hosting the 2025 European Championships in Denmark.