Bærum midfield gets first red-card for ‘gay’ jibe

Bærum midfield gets first red-card for 'gay' jibe
Simen Juklerod on the field. Photo: Bærum SK
A Norwegian footballer over the weekend became the first player ever to be sent off the field for using a homophobic slur, after a referee gave him a red card for calling an opponent “gay”.
Bærum SK midfielder Simen Juklerod was kicked out of the Sunday game 25 minutes before the end, because he used the term “gay” in an offensive manner.
The abuse came after Juklerod’s rival accused him of diving to win a free kick, while the score was still 2-2.
“I regret what I said,” Juklerod later told Norway's VG newspaper. “I didn’t at all intend to hurt anyone. It happened in the heat of the moment. There were many verbal exchanges, and I went too far.” 
“When someone says something like that, he needs to be punished. The referee was right.”
Under Norway’s footballing rules, players who use insulting or offensive language or gestures should be kicked out of the match.
On Tuesday evening, the national association’s disciplinary committee decided to keep Juklerod off the field for two more games.
The offending player’s club meanwhile distanced itself from his actions.
“We do not accept that our players call other players gay or anything else. Many stupidities are said during a game, but we have zero tolerance on the issue,” Juklerod’s club said on its official Twitter account, vowing there would be “consequences”.
Bærum SK eventually scored a third goal and won the game.