Man in Norway catches fish too big for boat

Man in Norway catches fish too big for boat
Erik Axner in the water with his gigantic catch. Photo: Screengrab
A man fishing off Norway's Lofoten peninsular hooked a halibut so enormous that the only way he could get a photograph was to leap into the water alongside it.
Swedish fishing guide Erik Axner brought in the 100kg fish after a epic 20 minute battle, and was astonished when he measured it and discovered it was more than two meters long.  
“I was shocked when I realised how big it was,” he told Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper. “We couldn’t lift the fish into the boat as it was too big. We don’t do that, as we would risk hurting it. So instead, I jumped in the water and we took pictures.”
Despite working as a guide, Axner had never previously caught a fish more than 100kg in weight. 
“It was a dream fish: almost two meters long and very well fed,” he told the paper.
Atlantic halibut are among the largest fish in the world, and although impressive, Axner’s catch is still fraction of the world record, set in 2013 by German angler Marco Liebenow. 
Liebenow caught a halibut weighing a massive 232kg, about the size of a large pig, also off the coast of Norway.

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