Stolen monkeys returned to Oslo reptile park

Stolen monkeys returned to Oslo reptile park
Harry, the cotton tail tamarin, and his brother Thomas, who remains at the park. Photo: Oslo Reptile Park
The two monkeys stolen from a Reptile Park in Oslo were returned alive and healthy on Wednesday night, by what their keeper referred to as “an anonymous and repentant sinner”.
“We are absolutely ecstatic right now!” their keeper Camilla Bjerke wrote on the park’s Facebook page. “An anonymous and repentant sinner has supplied the monkeys back and they seem to be in good physical shape. They are fidgety and nervous, but got very warm welcome back in the park.” 
Bjerke told NRK that she had been standing in the Reptile Park’s carpark at 10pm last night when a taxi arrived in which there was a man carrying two large IKEA bags. 
“We said, here come the monkeys perhaps? And there they were,” she told the channel. “I don’t think he was the one who had stolen them,” she said of the man. 
The two monkeys, Nano, a pygmy marmoset and Harald, a cotton-top tamarin, were discovered missing on Wednesday morning. 
Staff came in to work to find several cages broken into, glass strewn all over the floor, and the two monkeys missing. 
Most marmoset species measure no more than 20cm in height, making them popular pets. Keeping monkeys as pets in Norway is illegal, but in neighbouring Denmark, marmosets sell for up to 8000 kroner ($1000).