Norway kids’ show teaches sex in style

“It’s quite slow to start, but after a while, it get a bit quicker." A Norwegian kids show has shown how to do sex education properly, with the aid of a tomato, a vacuum cleaner and life-like rubber genitals.

Norway kids' show teaches sex in style
Line Jansrud demonstrating the science behind love bites. Photo: Screen Grab/NRK
“We would have betrayed our series on puberty if we had not touched on topics such as sex and masturbation,” Line Jansrud, presenter of the Newton science programme told NRK. 
A previous episode of Newton made news in Norway when a clip of Jansrud painting the location of ovaries and fallopian tubes onto the naked body of a real woman was pulled from Facebook, after apparently violating the site’s guidelines.  
“Puberty gives you a new body that can make children if you have sex — otherwise known as fucking, shagging, bonking, or making love,” Jansrud begins the latest programme, before taking her audience through the whole process from falling in love to pregnancy. 
She then demonstrates how to use half a tomato to practice kissing. 
“This tomato here doesn’t have a tongue, but it kind of feels like this to make out,” she says. 
And attacks her own neck with a vacuum cleaner to demonstrate how love-bites are created. 
“It works the same way as a vacuum cleaner. If someone sucks hard enough on your neck, you get bleeding under your skin. A bruise, simply.”
Then she gets onto the serious stuff. 
“And now, what everyone starts with sooner or later, but rarely talks about, stroking your own sex parts. To masturbate,” she continues, using rubber models. “Both the clitoris of the girl and the head of the penis on a boy is full of nerves that make it pleasant to touch.” 
After lubricating the rubber models she then begins showing how penetrative sex works. 
“It’s quite slow to start, but after a while, it get a bit quicker. But, for this to be good, it’s very important that the vagina is wet inside,” she says. “And for the girl, it is also very important that the clitoris is rubbed.”
She ends by showing off her own pregnant belly, preparing her viewers for the coming big event. 
Jansrud has vowed to turning her own experience birth into a  Newton episode. 
Erling Normann, the show’s producer, said that the editors had felt that it would be inappropriate to use real men and women to demonstrate sex. 
“We have tried to show the natural body and body parts as far it has been possible,” he said. “This was obviously excluded when we came to the program about sex.” 


Wanted: Norwegians willing to have sex on TV

National broadcaster NRK’s P3 channel will be debuting a show in November aimed at giving teenagers a healthier relationship with their own bodies and sexual desires.

Wanted: Norwegians willing to have sex on TV
The programme aims to give teenage girls more realistic expectations when it comes to sex and their own bodies. Photo: OneInchPunch/Depositph
The programme, ‘Line fikser kroppen’ (Line fixes her body), will feature host Line Elvsåshagen taking on issues like body positivity and unrealistic expectations for sex. 
Elvsåshagen recently starred in the reality TV show ‘Line dater Norge’ (Line dates Norway), in which she travelled across the country in search of the perfect man, with help from her 130,000-plus followers on Instagram
P3’s editorial director said the new Elvsåshagen programme will offer a counter narrative to the way sex and the female body are portrayed in porn. 
“Just showing surgically-enhanced bodies and overly-choreagrophed sex creates false hopes and misperceptions. We hope that by showing sex in its entirety, rather than just merely as penetration, we can provide the target group with the right approach,” Håkon Moslet. 
This will be done in part by showing regular people having actual sex. 
As part of P3’s attempt to reach its target group of 17-year-old girls, the channel has been searching for couples who are willing to engage in intimate acts in front of the rolling cameras. 
“The idea is not to show sexual organs in action but rather to move away from a glorified image and show that sex is a nice and intimate situation that can often be a bit clumsy without being dangerous,” Elvsåshagen said. 
P3 has been reaching out to blogs and hanging posters throughout the country in an effort to recruit couples willing to have sex for the show. Moslet said that there have already been a number of couples expressing their willingness to participate. 
Norwegian television has a history of approaching sex in a straightforward manner that would be unthinkable in other parts of the world. The children’s science programme ‘Newton’ received international attention in 2015 after Facebook censored a clip showing presenter Line Jansrud drawing female sexual organs on the naked body of her assistant. 
Other episodes of the popular programme’s series on puberty featured Jansrud demonstrating how to use half a tomato to practice kissing and using rubber models to show how masturbation and penetrative sex work. 
Even the wildly popular Norwegian TV series Skam faced initial resistance from foreign buyers who were put off by the show’s frank approach to sex and excessive drinking.