Norway PM celebrated for phone-in-bra trick

Norway PM celebrated for phone-in-bra trick
Erna Solberg, phone snugly in place, hands over the 2014 Womans' Football Cup. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix
After Norway's PM Erna Solberg was caught on camera slipping her phone into her bra, Norway’s top tabloid VG has made a video investigating the phenomenon.
"This is the Prime Minister of Norway," the video's narrator begins, as the national anthem plays rousingly in the background. "She has a hidden secret which we are about to reveal. The Prime Minister of Norway knows where to keep her cell phone." 
“The fact is that very few female outfits have pockets, and if you do not have a purse you have to put it somewhere else,” the ever-game PM then tells the newspaper. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
The video then cuts to the women’s football cup final in 2014, showing Solberg confidently slipping hers cellphone into her bra. 
She later said that many women she knew used the same technique, but that she herself only rarely resorted to the practice.
“It’s neither a common nor long lasting place for me to keep my phone,” she claimed.