Mother ‘shut in dog crate and dropped in river’

A 34-year-old man in Norway has confessed that he put the dead body of his partner's mother into an iron dog cage and then dropped it into a nearby river, claiming that his partner had murdered her beforehand.

Mother 'shut in dog crate and dropped in river'
The Skien River, where police found the cage and remains on Tuesday night. Photo:
"I can confirm that my client has acknowledged complicity in transport,"  the man's lawyer, Tollef Skobba told Aftenposten newspaper on Wednesday
Police divers on Tuesday night recovered the dog cage, along with the remains of Kari Grønnestad, who disappeared three years ago aged 59, after carrying out a search in the Skien river. 
Kari Grønnestad, 59, disappeared without a trace three years ago. Iit was only on Sunday, when police were called out to the home of her 31-year-old daughter and her partner following a loud row, that he made his grisly accusation. 
The woman was arrested on Sunday night along with her partner, who was released on Monday after a ruled that there was insufficient reason to keep him in custody. 
The woman's lawyer, Bjorn Nærum, claims that she is surprised by the man's confession and denies having any involvement with her mother's disappearance. 
Grønnestad's daughter was the last person to see her mother before she went missing in 2012.
She then went on to play a prominent role in the search efforts, releasing photos of her mother to the media and begging for clues as to her whereabouts.  The search was closed after several months and police never suspected anything criminal had taken place. 
“She has always been in despair that her mother has not been found after all these years,” Nærum told VG.  “It’s an enormous burden for her to deal with the allegations that she has killed her mother. She strongly denies this.” 


Two more arrested for suspected involvement in Oslo Pride shooting

Norwegian police said Monday they had arrested two alleged accomplices of the suspect in a June shooting that killed two people in Oslo on the sidelines of Pride celebrations.

Two more arrested for suspected involvement in Oslo Pride shooting

The two suspects were arrested on Sunday in Oslo suspected of “complicity in a terrorist act”, the Oslo police said in a statement.

One is a Somali man in his forties, the other a Norwegian in his thirties — both of them known to police. Their identities were not disclosed.

In the early hours of June 25, a man opened fire near a gay bar in central Oslo during celebrations linked to the city’s Pride festival.

The shooting killed two men, aged 54 and 60, and wounded 21 others. Immediately after the shooting, police arrested Zaniar Matapour, a
43-year-old Norwegian of Iranian origin, on suspicion of carrying out the attack.

The new arrests bring the number of people implicated in the attack to four, as Norwegian police announced last week they were seeking another suspect linked to the shooting.

On Friday, Oslo police announced that they had issued an international arrest warrant for Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, a 45-year-old Islamist with a prior conviction, who is also suspected of “complicity in a terrorist act”.

“The police still believes Bhatti is in Pakistan,” a country with which Norway has no extradition agreement, police said Monday.

“To ensure the best possible cooperation with the Pakistani authorities, we had Oslo police officers in Pakistan a short time ago,” it added.

According to police, they have not yet had direct contact with Arfan Bhatti but have spoken to his Norwegian lawyer, Svein Holden, and say they expect the legal proceedings in Pakistan to take time.