‘Salmon is Norway’s Ikea’, PM claims

'Salmon is Norway's Ikea', PM claims
Ikea's globally recognized brand/Some Salmon. Photo: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr. Melissa Doroquez/Flickr
Enough of Swedish snidery over their country’s bigger industries and corporations. According to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, “Salmon is Norway’s IKEA”.
In a meeting with the press on Norway’s economic future after oil, Solberg urged journalists to do more to promote the country’s fish industry. 
“They write too little about fish,” she said. “Something is really happening in rural areas and along the coast, but it’s slipping under the radar.” 
“I joke with editors about this, but there’s an important background to this. Fish farming is not the way to becoming Norway’s biggest industry," she said.
Seafood exports, she pointed out, had doubled to 69 billion kroner in the last decade alone, and Norway was increasingly being associated internationally with its salmon exports. 
"Salmon is a fantastic trademark for Norway. Salmon is Norway Ikea," she said. 
All business people in Norway could learn from the entrepreneurial spirit shown by the country’s fish-farmers. 
“That’s why I have to admit: I love both salmon and salmon farmers.”