Tesla P85D races snowmobile over ice

Tesla P85D races snowmobile over ice
Can it possibly be true? A Norwegian website drag-raced Tesla’s new top-of-the-range P85D electric sports car against a snowmobile on a frozen lake and the Tesla came out best.
The Tesla’s competitor, a Lynx Boondocker 800cc, is one of the fastest snowmobiles on the market. It’s basically just an engine on skis, giving it an incredible power-to-weight ratio. 
Unlike the Tesla, it's tracks are designed specifically for surfaces like that on the ice rink at Tisleia in Oppland. 
According to the website, the Tesla’s secret is the ability of its on board computer to minutely and constantly adjust the power pushed out by its two electric engines in response to changes in the surface of the ice, giving it traction a petrol-powered car can only dream of.
That, and its acceleration of 0-100km/hr in 3.4 seconds.  
Tesla founder Elon Musk Tweeted out the video shortly after it was first published on March 10. 
Norway’s generous incentives for electric cars has made it Tesla’s second biggest market after the US.  As many as 43,442 plug-in electric vehicles were registered in Norway by December last year, giving it by far the highest per capita use of the cars. 
For that reason, you can bet Tesla had a fair bit of involvement  in’s video.
Where else would they have got their hands on a car worth 800,000 NOK?