Danger over: ‘Dynamite’ boxes were empty

Danger over: 'Dynamite' boxes were empty
People were evacuated on Wednesday from Dammyr housing estate and the Våk school in Våler in Østfold. Photo: Joakim Bekkåsen/Moss Avis/NTB scanpix
UPDATED: A bomb scare led police to evacuate a school and kindergarten in a small town south of Oslo on Wednesday, but it turned out be a false alarm.
Twelve police armed with submachine guns raided a house less than 20km away, arresting a man in his forties, in an operation police confirmed was linked to the explosives discovery. 
But police removed the cordons in Rygge on Wednesday afternoon after discovering that boxes found outside a house and labeled as dynamite were in fact empty. 
The 56 students at Våk nursery school in the town of Våler i Østfold were evacuated at 12.30pm on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the 180 students at the next-door primary school were asked to go on foot to a nearby shop, where they could wait for their parents.
A specialist bomb disposal unit was sent from Oslo to defuse the would-be explosives.