Mother-to-be shocked by lifelike birth cake

Mother-to-be shocked by lifelike birth cake
Torny Hesle's rather disturbing cake. Photo: Instagram
A mother-to-be in Norway was flabbergasted when her friends organized a surprise baby shower party with a rather unusual cake.
Designed to celebrate the miracle of childbirth, the cake was decorated in the shape of a vagina at the point of 'crowning', when the baby's head first becomes visible. 
”She was shocked," Torny Hesle, the cake maker, told The Local. "She didn’t even know we were giving her a baby shower. But it was OK, she has a similar kind of sense of humour”.
Hesle, who works perhaps predictably as an advertising creative, used marzipan to mimic the skin tissue, liquorice string for pubic hair, and a generous amount of strawberry jam to mimic the blood and placenta. 
”I didn’t put much effort into the inside, it’s just a store-bought sponge cake with jam and cream," she explained. "The decoration was the most important thing.”
Hesle embedded an inedible doll's head in her creation which, when removed, revealed the  post-birth vagina's gory interior (see photograph below).
“I used strawberry jam for the blood. It was even more shocking after we removed the baby,” she said.
This is not the first time confectionery vaginas have made the news in Scandinavia. In 2012, Sweden's then culture minister Adelsohn Liljeroth came close to losing her job when she cut into a the vagina area of a cake modelled on a black woman's body, which was part of an art project.