Free night in a designer cabin anyone?

Free night in a designer cabin anyone?
The Tubakuba in location. Photo: Tumblr
Anyone with children can get a night in the architecturally inspired Tubakuba cabin, with its stunning location on a mountainside overlooking Bergen, absolutely free.
The tiny cabin is entered through a "tuba tube", a short tunnel that leads into a room with stunning views, a wood burning stove, a couple of places to bed down, and not much else. 
Measuring just 14 square meters with no electricity, no water and no toilet, the Tubakuba is truly a no frills hide away. Designed to give children a sense of appreciation for nature, the cabin is built almost entirely of wood, with a burnt larch exterior and plywood interiors.
Students at Bergen School of Architecture created the cabin that during a design-build workshop led by Espen Folgerø from OPA Form architects, and then decided to lease it out, one night at a time, for free. 
The cabin is easily accessible by tram from the city centre and bookings are made through the Bergen municipality website.