Police: Don’t report that it’s snowing in Norway

Police in southern Norway say they are not prioritizing complaints about snow and are urging people to remember that they live in Norway.

Police: Don’t report that it’s snowing in Norway
Snow is quite common in Norway. Photo: Håkon Aarthun/NTB Scanpix

Police in Agder in the far south of Norway said they had received five to ten calls on Tuesday.

“People are calling and complaining that it’s snowing and that they’re late for work, they haven’t received their newspaper, and so on and so forth. These reports will not be prioritized,” Agder police wrote on Twitter.

Police spokesman Per Kristian Klausen drove home the point:

“People just have to accept that they live in Norway and it will snow,” he told newspaper Dagbladet.

Meteorologists said Agder could expect up to 40 centimetres of snow on Tuesday.