Norway may get private vehicle plates

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Norway's Minister of Transport is looking seriously at the introduction of personalized car registration plates for vehicle owners in Norway, it was reported on Tuesday.

Ketil Solvik-Olsen, of the Progress Party, confirmed in a letter to Parliament, he is positive to the proposal, Stavanger Aftenblad reported.

The Norwegian Transport Minister has asked the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to take a closer look at the idea.

Will this begin a new trend of quirky and amusing car plate texts, such as "FEX" or “2RETANG” for fans of the pop group Mods [“Tore Tang” is one of the Mods' songs].

There will most likely be some form of regulation where inappropriate plates or plates with bad language are rejected. This is currently the case in Sweden.
The Christian Democratic Party presented a proposal to Parliament this year, asking for the introduction of personalized car number plates in Norway.
In the proposal, the MPs argued that the additional government revenue generated by customers wanting to own a personalized plate, can be used in Norway's traffic safety budget.
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The case is being reviewed by the Transport and Communication committee.

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