Controversial disability benefits plan scrapped

Controversial disability benefits plan scrapped
MP Trine Skei Grande, happy to see the government's plan shelved. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix
The Norwegian government has shelved its proposal to cut child financial support to people on disability benefits, it was announced on Thursday.

The Conservative Party and the Progress Party decided to cancel the highly controversial proposition, even though they originally claimed the move was neccessary for budgetary reasons, reported VG.

Sources close to the ongoing national budget negotiations confirmed the decision to VG late on Thursday evening.

Norway's two cooperative parties, the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Party, demanded the proposition be cancelled.
All four political parties have agreed to work on fresh alternative solutions to the problem.
The Ministry of Finance show that 18,790 persons receive the type of child support the Norwegian government wanted to cut. Only 625 of the recipients receive more money than they would do if they worked full-time for the lowest wage.
Chairman of the Liberal Party, Trine Skei Grande, confirmed to VG on Thursday she regarded the benefits' cuts proposition as bad political handwork.

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