Soccer boss gets ‘video nasty’ with Norway team

Norway's national team coach is set to use an advanced video surveillance system to snoop on everything his players do during training and matches as a means to improve performance.

Soccer boss gets 'video nasty' with Norway team
Norway football coach Per Mathias Høgmo. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Norway boss Per-Mathias Høgmo said during a seminar about football and technology in Oslo on Friday: “It's about gaining 1 to 2 percent and getting a competitive advantage. This cooperation is very interesting, challenging and important.”

The surveillance system called Bagadus is already installed at Ullevaal stadium in Norway. It is a video recording system with synchronized cameras filming matches and training. The players wear sensors and this makes it possible after only a few seconds to get edited video clips of individual football players.
Høgmo used an earlier version of the Bagadus system already when he was coach for Tromsø. The system was developed at the universities of Oslo and Tromsø in cooperation with Tromsø IL.
The national team coach will start using the system in November. The technology will allow him, during training sessions for example, to push a button to show video clips of players Tom Høgli or Mats Møller Dæhli and say to them “you should have been further forward there,” or  “You should have been more to the right”, and so on.
Scientists at the iAD research centre, with whom Høgmo has worked with, are behind the system. It started humbly, but has developed into becoming a truly advanced system.
Høgmo said to NTB: “It's very inspiring to cooperate with some of the sharpest minds in the world.”
Some of the technology has been used by three or four football clubs, but at somewhat different levels compared as to what is now being considered by the national football team.

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