Christian mission makes rude typo gaffe

It was a case of send the the proofreader to perdition after a Christian organization in Norway suffered the embarrassment of a printing error on their pamphlets that promoted sex over religion.

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM – Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband) published the phrase "when the lusts are ignited" instead of "when the lights are ignited" on thousands of their brochures, reported VG on Sunday.

The small but significiant typo appeared on page three of the Christian missionary's Christmas pamphlet.

Head of publishing for NLM, Tom Teien, said to VG: “This is the printing mistake of all times! I didn't know what happened, but after the pamphlet was published, we were made aware that an extra letter snuck in [which made the printing error in Norwegian language].”
Teien added: “We received many reactions to the incident and people see it as very funny. If we are ever to publish a book with a printing mistake, it actually doesn't get better than this. We hope that the printing mistake will make the pamphlet become more popular.”
According to Dagbladet, the organization posted on Facebook that the now famous printing error pamphlets will be sold as limited editions.
This year was the 55th edition the Christmas pamphlet “Jenta fra høyfjellet” (“The girl from the mountains”) and is currently sold in book shops and at Christmas markets.
Teien informed the spelling mistake will be corrected in time for the next print run.

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