Man escapes house torture horror in Norway

A Norwegian man escaped and required medical care for knife wounds after having been held captive and tortured in an apartment in central Sandefjord on Wednesday.

Man escapes house torture horror in Norway
Two people arrested in connection with the torture of a man in Sandefjord, south-east Norway. Photo: Sandefjord. Norway Shutterstock

The man was treated for four serious stab wounds in his thigh and a wound on his stomach after he claimed a plastic bag was placed over his head by his abductors and he lost consciousness, reported Sandefjords Blad.

The victim was kept prisoner and tortured in an apartment on Tuesday night through to the early hours of Wednesday morning, before escaping onto “Dronningens gate” in Sandefjord.

The man was taken by ambulance to Vestfold hospital, Tønsberg.

A male witness who lives in a building near to where the man was found said: “We heard screaming from the staircase and went out to see what was wrong. We found the man, in his fifties, sitting with a towel around his legs. He obviously tried to stop the bleeding from several wounds.”

A lady came out from the apartment where the man had been, shouting accusations against the man.
The same witness said: “She came with accusations that the man hurt her family, but I don't know if these accusations are true. I was mostly occupied helping the man. I brought him with me to the ground floor, but there he managed somehow to get one of his legs stuck in the railings of the staircase. Luckily I managed to get him loose.”
The man who found the stabbed victim called the emergency services.
The witness says: “When we waited for the ambulance, he told me he was tortured during the night. Among other things, a plastic bag was put over his head. He managed to escape when he pretended to go to the toilet and then bolted out of the door.”
Lawyer Katrine Christensen Brigard said to VG: “We have now arrested two people in an apartment close to where the victim was found. These are a man in his fifties and a woman in her forties. They have now been brought in for questioning and will be interviewed during the day. They are known by the police. The victim and the arrested people also know each other.”

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