Norwegian nurse steals from deathbed patients

A Norwegian nurse who stole nearly 250,000 kroner ($40,000) from two dying patients in Oslo will be sentenced in September, it was announced on Friday.

Norwegian nurse steals from deathbed patients
Dying patients under threat from theft in one Norwegian hospital. Photo: Shutterstock

The male nurse and an accomplice will meet again in Oslo district court in September to be sentenced. They are charged for stealing around 220,000 kroner ($35,000) in total from two elderly women while they were on their deathbeds in Diakonhjemmet hospital in Norway's capital.

Both men have already admitted guilt to the charge of serious theft and swindling.
The nurse, who is in his thirties, worked at Diakonhjemmet hospital. He is accused of wearing a doctor’s coat and using a false name to forge paperwork in order to get possession of goods received by the hosital, and belonging to an 87-year-old female patient.
Together with a male accomplice in his twenties, they stole 4,450 kroner ($715) in cash from the elderly woman, and took two of her bank cards. Her bank account was emptied of 69,000 kroner ($11,000)
A 93-year-old female patient was also stolen from by the two men. The nurse got a hold of the old woman’s house key and took a bankcard from her home. Together with his accomplice, they took 146,000 kroner ($24,000) from the woman's account.
The defence lawyers of the two men charged do not wish to comment on the case, reported “VG”.
Anne Wenche Lindboe, head of human resources at Diakonhjemmet hospital, said to “VG”: “We are very sorry about what happened. Patients at the hospital should feel completely safe about delivering their possessions at the reception desk and all objects will be kept safely.”
Diakonhjemmet hospital has now put more strict rules into effect on how goods are delivered and received.

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