Car crashes after wasp stings man on crotch

Car crashes after wasp stings man on crotch
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A Norwegian man is lucky to be alive after a wasp stung him on his crotch while he was driving his car on Wednesday. In pain and shock, the man veered the car off the road and crashed into a boulder.

Local police received a call on Wednesday morning from a member of the public stating a car had driven off the road at Førresfjorden in Haugesund, and that the driver seemed drunk.

When the police finally caught up with the suspect, the man explained a wasp sting on his groin led to the accident.

Police chief Andre Skram Hansen said to NTB: “We believe the man’s story. He said that he felt something on the inside of his thigh. Then he was stung and lost control of his car.”
The car was seriously damaged after crashing into a boulder and the wreck had to be towed away.
Hansen said: “I don't know if the wasp has been found, but the man wasn't drunk.”
The man was not injured during the incident, except for the wasp sting.

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