Norway heat: Penguins losing their cool

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NTB/The Local - [email protected] • 9 Jul, 2014 Updated Wed 9 Jul 2014 19:13 CEST
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Hot weather across most of Norway this summer has not been welcomed by one group of Arctic birds and their keepers.

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Norway's penguins are suffering in above average hot weather across the country and many birds have had to endure temperatures exceeding 30-degrees celsius. Zoo keepers are having to take extraordinary precautions to keep the birds cool.

Penguins are at risk of heatstroke. Although the last recorded death of a penguin from heatstroke in Norway was 14 years ago, zoos are on red alert to watch the birds over-heating.

Kees Oscar Ekeli, managing director of Bergen Aquarium, said to Bergen's Tidende: "Alarm bells ring when we get close to 25 degrees."
The aquarium has been trying to avoid a penguin over-heating crisis by using cold water sprinklers to cool down the birds even when they are in the water.
"If they are drooping their beaks and breathing heavily, that is a sign of danger. We pump sea water from 120 meters below the surface from the city fjord. This water keeps [a temperature of] 8 to 10 degrees and the penguins get the cool down that they need."
With temperatures exceeding 25-degrees all over Norway and, in many places, soaring into the 30s - both mankind and penguins beware!



NTB/The Local 2014/07/09 19:13

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