Two men found in trunk of biker gang car

Norwegian police on Wednesday found two men in the boot of a car which was being escorted by members of the Outlaws biker gang who had stopped traffic in order to secure their speedy passage.

Two men found in trunk of biker gang car
Car boot photo: Shutterstock
Romarike police discovered the men alive and unharmed in the boot of the vehicle. The officers concluded that the men were not being transported against their will and had not been the victims of any criminal offence.
"We carried out a check. In the car there were four people. There were only two seats, so two guys were lying in the luggage compartment. It was a voluntary transfer, but not approved transportation," said Øyvind Strømsborg at Romarike police to the Romarikes Blad daily. 
Police became involved in the matter after have receiving calls from other road users at 9am on Wednesday morning. 
"The call went out on that the motorcycle entourage had stopped other cars and moved on in their place, so they escorted their own vehicle through the traffic," Strømsborg said.
The unorthodox journey occurred on a stretch of road between Fetsund and Ræling tunnel near Lillestrøm. A total of nine motorcycles escorted the car. The driver, a man in his 20s, had no valid driver's licence and as none of the other men were qualified to drive, the vehicle was subsequently towed away 
Police found no legal reason to take any action against the team of motorcyclists escorting the car.

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