Sweden threatens to ‘annex’ the ostehøvel

Sweden threatens to 'annex' the ostehøvel
Linus, this week's @Sweden, holding his osthyvel. Photo: Twitter/@Sweden
Sweden's official Twitter account has threatened to "annex" the ostehøvel, the cheese slicing implement that is arguably Norway's most notable innovation in the field of international cuisine.
The Ostehøvel, or Osthyvel as it is known in Sweden, has come to symbolise breakfast in the two countries in the years since it was patented by the Norwegian inventor Thor Bjørklund back in 1925. 

Linus, the unemployed journalist managing @Sweden, Sweden's official Twitter account,  this week began posting pictures of himself holding the instrument on Wednesday, apparently ignorant of its Norwegian origins. 
He posted a series of jokey follow-ons, including:
But then Johannes Björk, a Sweden PHD student living in Barcelona, pointed out that the implement was not in fact Swedish. 
At this point,  Sweden's official Twitter account took the momentous step of threatening to "annex" the invention. 

The threat generated an immediate response from Norwegian Twitter users (well, one Norwegian Twitter user).  

Björk then stepped in and graciously asserted Norway's right to take credit for the much-loved implement. 

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