What do Norwegians really think of Swedes?

The languages are much the same and they always give each other shedloads of points at Eurovision. Is there much to separate these Scandi cousins? The Local's Patrick Reilly finds out.

What do Norwegians really think of Swedes?
Swedes are more outgoing and we are more reserved in general. Now leave us alone! says Pia.
Norway and Sweden. Sweden and Norway. Both countries have six letters in their names, their flags are much the same (give or take a few colours) and they both have state controlled liquor stores. For the Systembolaget in Sweden there is the Vinmonopolet across the border.
But for all the common ground there is much that is different about these close cousins, whom the Norwegians often refer to as their "sweet brother."
The Local took to the beautiful streets of Bergen to quiz some Norwegians about what they really think of their Swedish neighbours. We encountered a bare-chested fishermen, an old-age pensioner who set us straight, and we even got to listen in on a typical joke told about the Swedes round these parts.

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