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What do Swedes really think of Norwegians?

What do Swedes really think of Norwegians?
Malin Sandell takes in the sun after some tasty Vietnamese food. Photo: Richard Orange
We've all heard the stereotypes about the Norwegians, but what do Norway's neighbours think? The Local hit the streets of Malmö to learn exactly what Swedes think about their neighbours to the west.

Norwegians are super-rich from oil, live in wooden huts on beautiful fjords, wear chunky, brightly coloured knitwear, and live an outdoorsy life of skiing in winter and hiking in summer, interspersed with very rare binges on country's €10 beer. That, or something like it, is the stereotype people across the world have of Norwegians. 

But what happens if you ask someone who knows them really, really well? Their neighbours and former overlords to the East, for instance?

And what better time to do it than the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian constitution, a moment, let's not forget, which also began Norway's ninety-one years as the junior partner in the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. 

It's now nearly 110 years since Sweden peaceably let Norway go its own way, and thirty since oil made Norway one of the richest countries in the world. So what do the Swedes think of them now. 
So here, below, is what we found out: 

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