VIDEO: Norway fans in second Sherlock skit

VIDEO: Norway fans in second Sherlock skit
A scene from Mind Phallus, the new Norwegian Sherlock Holmes spoof. Photo: YouTube
The Norwegian duo behind last month's eerily accurate Sherlock spoof have done it again, but this time pushing their exaggerated take on the show's homoerotic themes even closer to the mark, and arguably well over it. Warning: it's quite risqué.
Their new skit, titled 'Mind Phallus', perfects the duo's take-off of the quick-fire deduction and verbal brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes, this time bringing in pretty good impression of Andrew Scott's Moriarty. 
"In the BBC series, Sherlock Holmes retreats into his mind palace to solve mysteries. In this spoof on the show, he enters his mind phallus, with all the implications of that", the spoof's director Vidar Josdal told NRK. 
The four minute spoof sees Sherlock played by Norwegian TV executive and comedian Vidar Magnussen and Watson played by  Bjarte Tjøstheim, with whom he shares an office in the entertainment division of Norwegian TV channel NRK. The original skit came about after Magnussen joked that Tjøstheim looked exactly like Dr Watson in the series. 
The first parody got hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube and was even subtitled in Korean and Spanish. 
"After seeing the reception we knew we had to make another one as soon as possible", Josdal added. "There are other parodies on Youtube, but they look a bit amateurish compared to ours. We go all-in in the production, and I hope it shows." 

Magnussen revealed after the first spoof that he had once been involved with the BBC's Dr Who series while it was being written by Mark Gatiss, Sherlock's creator. 
"There I worked with a bunch of talented people, but everyone was absolutely gay," he said. "Then I thought that there is something about that in the series. We just took it a little further in our skit." 
Gatiss, who made his name in The League of Gentlemen,  is in a civil partnership with the actor Ian Hallard. 


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