Elk found frozen solid in Norwegian lake

An elk has been found frozen solid in the middle of a a lake near Bodo in northern Norway, after the ice apparently cracked beneath it as it was trying to cross.

Elk found frozen solid in Norwegian lake
The elk frozen in Kosmo lake. Source: Inger Sjøberg
Inger Sjøberg, 47, found the animal as she was skating across  Kosmo lake in Valnesfjord on December 29th. 
"I was out skating with my boyfriend, and we saw something dark on the ice," she told The Local. "I thought it was some wood or some grass or something, and when we looked at it, we saw that it was an elk. I have never seen it before, a frozen animal in the ice." 
She said she believed the elk must have fallen through earlier in the winter before the ice hardened properly. 
"We had to go out a bit from land, so the ice was strong enough when he started to walk, but then further out it was not strong enough. It's part of nature that animals die in this way." 
The animal has since become quite an attraction for local children, who come out to look at the frozen carcass, she said.

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