Kids with poor grades ‘more likely to be bullied’

Schoolchildren with poor grades are most likely to be bullied at all levels of the school system, a new Norwegian survey has shown.

Kids with poor grades 'more likely to be bullied'
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Researchers at Hedmark college found that it was likely that children who were bullied suffered poor psychological health and poor grades at primary and secondary school, the Dagens Medisin journal wrote.

The study was carried out by Professor Lars Lien among 3,674 school pupils in Oslo. 337 15-year old pupils said they’d been bullied, whereas just 48 pupils three years further up suffered from bullying.

“The results show that it’s important to follow up pupils who have suffered bullying in Year 10. The idea that all bullying disappears when children change environments is clearly wrong. Some people are vulnerable to bullying, and when this is combined with poor psychological health or poor school performance people should be particularly on guard,” he said.

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Armed Norwegian police respond to school shooting threat

Armed police responded after a school student in the town of Aksim in Østfold county threatened to carry out a shooting.

Armed Norwegian police respond to school shooting threat
File photo: fotonen/Depositphotos

Police have arrested a boy of minor age over the incident, news agency NTB reports.

Operation leader Ole Juelsen told NRK that police responded after a threat was made online by a student at the school.

The operation, which took place on Friday morning, resulted in the boy’s arrest.

Police District Øst (East) tweeted that the threat of a “possible school shooting” had been made by a minor at the school.

There was no actual danger to life or safety, however, police stressed, adding that the arrest took place calmly.

“Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet) has been informed as standard procedure. Due to the boy’s young age and for further investigation… no more information will be given until next week,” a police district statement read.