Norway store withdraws bloody severed hands

Norwegian bargain store Europris has been forced to withdraw a range of fake shrink-wrapped body parts after the Halloween gifts sparked a public outcry.

Norway store withdraws bloody severed hands
Severed hands from The Chop Shop - Facebook
The severed hands, which are wrapped to resemble meat sold in a supermarket, were the subject of a story on Norway's NRK website on Monday. 
"Our intention was obviously not to upset our customers," Knut Spæren, the company's purchasing manager told the channel. "Now we are withdrawing the few products that people have complained about, including the severed hands."
The Facebook page of NRK Sørlandet, which broke the story, was full of angry comments on Tuesday. 
"There's no doubt my children would have been terrified if they'd seen this in the shops," wrote Mona Urfjell. "I think it's such a shame that we have an American tradition so violently forced down our throats." 
"It's absolutely terrible and it should not be allowed," Gudveig Olsen wrote. 
"Who the hell could allow such things?" wrote Ivar Larsen. "Do we not have enough violence in the country without these kind of crazy people bringing such things into the shops." 

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