Women in Oslo West live longest in world

Women in Oslo West live longest in world
Old lady - Kjetil Eid
Women in parts of western Oslo live longer lives than women anywhere else in the world, according to a new study from Statistics Norway, with their average lifespan of 86 years putting them on a par with the Japanese.
According to the agency, women living in the Vestre Aker district live the longest, with an average lifespan of 86 years, followed by women from Ullern at 85.1 years. 
"It's because we love to go hiking, because we can not stand smoking and because we surround ourselves with friends, often younger ones, and are sociable," Marta Fjeld (90) from Smestad told Aftenposten. 
The average life expectancy for women in Norway is 83.4 years last year, compared to 79.4 years for men. 

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