Unusual bird box in Oslo’s Ekeberg Forest

A Norwegian gay health charity has nailed up bird boxes crammed with condoms on trees around Oslo's Ekeberg Forest, a popular locale for casual al-fresco gay sex.

Unusual bird box in Oslo's Ekeberg Forest
Bird box in Ekeberg Forest - Helseutvalget for Bedre Homohelse
The boxes, which will be replenished weekly, also contain packets of lubricant and information about HIV tests. 
"It is located on the path at the campsite. The hole is plugged so that no birds can come in, and then there is a small wooden penis attached on the outside so that it is easy to spot," Martin Angeltvedt of the charity Gay and Lesbian Health told Aftenposten. 
Men who go 'cruising', seeking anonymous sex with strangers in public places, are at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, Angeltvedt says.
"If there is too much shame associated with your own sexuality, your may take greater risks or treat yourself and others worse." 

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