VIDEO: Baby deer believes it is a sheep

A ewe in Norway's Årdal mountains has adopted a baby deer so that it now behaves as a member of the flock.

VIDEO: Baby deer believes it is a sheep
The deer grazes with the flock - Per Henjum
"It's very special. I've never heard about anything like it. It's the first time we heard about a deer going with a sheep," Per Henjum, a farmer, told The Local. 
The fawn was discovered by Henjum's neighbour Erling Offerdal last week, when he went to bring his flock down from the mountains for the winter. Throughout the four hour trek, the fawn followed closely behind one of the ewes, along with its two lambs. 
It is now grazing along with Offerdal's flock in his winter pastures, and even occasionally suckling the mother ewe. 
"We think the mother of the deer died when it was very young and then the sheep took care of him. He drinks milk from the sheep. Erling saw it when he went home," Henjum said. 
Offerdal intends to feed the young deer through the winter as an amusing addition to his flock, but has not yet decided what he will do when the deer becomes an adult. 

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