VIDEO: Norway man’s naked stunt goes viral

A 23-year-old Norwegian has received more than a million views on YouTube after posting a video featuring him walking stark naked around Oslo, approaching girls at random, and asking them out on for a date.

VIDEO: Norway man's naked stunt goes viral
A still from 'Naked Guy Picks up Girls' - YouTube
"The aim was to break some norms, because that's the slogan for my YouTube channel, 'against the norms'," Fred Ligaard, who studies marketing in Santa Barbara, told The Local. "I believe that if you want to be true to yourself, then you can't live life as everyone expects from you." 

In the video, Ligaard, who performs as 'Freddie Fairhair', is shown running naked down streets and across a park in Oslo, and then approaching groups of girls in public places."
He was eventually approached by a Norwegian policeman, after a security guard reported him. The policeman took down his details, but didn't charge him with anything. 
"It's technically illegal to be naked in public, but they realised that it's a funny video so they used good judgement." Ligaard says. "We thought it was game over. We went home when they came."
The stunt has won Ligaard his moment of fame in Norway. He was asked to appear on Wednesday on the main afternoon chat of TV2, and the prank has featured on US blogs such as the  Huffington Post, Daily Dot, and the right-wing Bro Bible which described him as  "a really creepy weirdo from Norway". 
But Ligaard protested that he had done nothing to offend people. 
"I don't' believe I'm harassing people," he said. "I think it's impossible to harass someone if the intention is to spread joy. 

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Naked weightlifter shocks talent show hosts

An amateur weightlifter left the hosts of Norway's leading TV talent show gasping in shock, after he suddenly bared all as he attempted a 'world record'.

Naked weightlifter shocks talent show hosts
Einar the strongman in the middle of his naked exertions. Photo: Screen grab

Scandinavians are well known for their liberal attitudes towards nudity, but Monday night's edition of Norske Talenter, Norway's equivalent of Britain's Got Talent, put that tolerance to the test.

The 38-year-old man, known simply as 'Einar', whipped off his dressing gown to reveal a far from well-honed physique in all its naked glory, and then attempted to lift an enormous red dumbbell, his face puffing out with the exertion. 
Einar gave the judges only the briefest warning of what he had in mind. Before attempting the lift, he was asked if he felt nervous.
“Not about this,” he replied. “I am a bit nervous about my clothes.”
He then quickly disrobed, and, judging from the shocked expressions on the faces of the host and judges, they hadn't been expecting him to perform without costume. 
Last year's winner of Norske Talenter, eight-year-old Angelina Jordan, has won international acclaim for her eerily accurate, breathy covers of soul and blues classics. 
It remains to be seen if Einar will find similar fame.