Norwegian jailed in Dubai for suicide attempt

A Norwegian man has been jailed for a month in Dubai for attempted suicide, after slashing one of his wrists with a bread knife during a heated argument with his wife.

Norwegian jailed in Dubai for suicide attempt
Dubai - Eugene Kaspersky
The 31-year-old man, who had travelled to the emirate in July to visit his wife, who worked there, slashed his wrists in a jealous rage  at 3am in the morning, after the last guest had left a dinner party they had hosted in the wife's flat. 
The man then locked himself in the bathroom, where he collapsed unconscious on the floor.  He was only rescued when police broke in, after which he was rushed him to a local hospital. 
The man denied that he had intended to kill himself, explaining that he had been cutting bread during the argument, and had then slashed himself in a sudden rush of anger.
“I locked myself in the bathroom because I was ashamed of what I had done,” he told the court. 
His wife told the court that her husband, who visited Dubai quite regularly, had become increasingly jealous of her male friends. “When the dinner party was over, we argued because he accused me of not paying him enough attention,” she said. 
Although attempted suicide is not illegal in Norway,  it remains an offence in much of the Arab world.  The man will be deported from the United Arab Emirates once he has served his sentence. 

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Dutch cons fear losing cushy cells to Norway

Dutch prisoners have gone to court to block a ground-breaking plan to rent out spaces in their jail for criminals from Norway, where the prison service faces a serious capacity shortage.

Dutch cons fear losing cushy cells to Norway
Norgerhaven Veenhuizen prison in The Netherlands. Photo: Dutch Ministry of Justice
The 18 long-term prisoners from Norgerhaven Veenhuizen prison outside Groningen aim to prevent Dutch prison authorities from shifting them to another prison to make room for the Norwegian inmates. 
“The long-termers don’t want to go to another prison. They think they have it good here,” Jaap Oosterveer, spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Justice, told VG newspaper. “This is not up to them, it’s up to the Justice Department. But they believe they are entitled to it and have gone to court.” 
Norway is planning to rent 242 prison places at Norgerhaven from the Dutch Ministry of Justice in a radical cross-border solution to the country’s capacity shortage. 
Vidar Brein-Karlsen (FRP), Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice  told VG that he expected the deal to be signed in the summer. 
“We are very satisfied, it will solve our prison queue and problems with remand capacity in Norway,” he said.  
At the time The Netherlands gave preliminary approval to the deal in September, no fewer than 1,300 people in Norway had been given jail sentences but as yet had no place in prison.
The Netherlands, on the other hand, has a surplus of prison places.