Brits flee Norway leaving fines unpaid

Brits flee Norway leaving fines unpaid
Norwegian traffic cop stopping speeding vehicles - Solum, Stian Lysberg / NTB Scanpix
British law-breakers owe the Norwegian state more in unpaid fines than those from France, Italy, Spain and Ireland put together, new figures from the country's state collection agency have shown.
With 11.4 million kroner in unpaid fines, British people are ahead of Germans, with 8.5 million, and even people from Norway's neighbour Denmark, who owe 7.5 million. 
With the exception of the Swedes and the Danes, Norway is powerless to pursue foreigners who leave the country with outstanding penalties for offences committed on Norwegian soil, meaning many Europeans choose to simply leave the country. 
"I think they're laughing at us," Oslo's mayor Fabian Stang told TV 2. "I think they say that here in Norway you are free to do whatever you want without any consequences." 
The Poles are the worse offenders, owing Norway 38.5 million in unpaid fines, followed by Lithuanians, with 22.7 million in unpaid fines, Swedes with 22.3 million, and Romanians with 14 million. 
Country of origin     Total unpaid fines (million kroner)
Poland                  38.5 
Lithuania                22.7 
Sweden                 22.3
Romania                14.0
UK                        11.4 
Germany                 8.5 
Denmark                 7.5
Netherlands             3.8 
Spain                      3.6 
Italy                        3.4 
France                    2.5
Ireland                    0.3 

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