Chechen man flees court on motorcycle

Chechen man flees court on motorcycle
Chechen man flees courtroom on motorcycle with police in hot pursuit - Christoffer Dl Laabak / / NTB Scanpix
A Chechen man held for stealing luxury cars made a dramatic cuffed get-away on Tuesday, breaking loose from police outside the courtroom and then leaping onto a waiting motorcycle.
"This was planned," Børge Enoksen, the prosecutor at the hearing, told Budstikka. "Family members blocked the police, so that the man had a ten-metre head-start," 
Student Bjørn Harald Bjerknes, who witnessed the escape from outside the Asker and Bærum District Court in Sandvika, said the escape was "like an American action movie". 
"He sprinted off, and then managed to extend his lead on the police," he said.  
Police on Tuesday afternoon found a motorbike they believe to be the getaway vehicle, and arrested a man they believe to be the driver. The accused, however, is nowhere to be seen. 

The man was in court for a hearing on his extradition to France, where police believe he is part of an international gang involved in trading stolen vehicles. 

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