Record number of wolves killed this year

Record number of wolves killed this year
Wolves: Hyperlemon
A record number of wolves have been shot in Norway this year, leading conservationists to call for stricter guidelines on killing the animals.
Some eleven wolves have been killed out of a total population of up to 60 animals, Adresseavisen newspaper reported, up from just six wolves in 2012. 
Of the eleven, nine wolves were killed during culls and legal hunting, and the others were killed in self-defense. 
Rasmus Hansson, a biologist and politician for the Green Party, said the real number of deaths would undoubtedly be higher due to illegal culls. 
"I assume that the large number of wolves killed will have a visible effect on sheep losses," he argued.  "If there is no measurable effect, then in consequence we should introduce more restrictions." 
Norwegian sheep farmers claim 130 sheep are killed by predators every day. 

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