Norwegian wallpapers his house with pen collection

Norwegian wallpapers his house with pen collection
Svein Hoel: Tord T. Olsen, TV 2
Pen aficionado Svein Hoel is so beloved of his collection of ink-based writing implements that he has papered the walls and doors of his house with 25,000 of them.
"I use quick-drying glue so that they stick immediately," Hoel told Norway's TV 2 channel, while gluing pen number 25,000 to the wall of his cellar.
Svein Hoel from Fauske outside Bodø has been an avid collector since he was a boy, but only moved from stamps to pens in 2000 when his wife asked him to find a new hobby. 
Each pen is recorded in a handwritten system with its own number and space. 
"There are many people who wonder if I have a screw loose and maybe I do," he chuckled during the interview. 

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