Norwegians pick up when called en route

Norwegians pick up when called en route
Texting will driving down Trollstigen in Norway? File photo: Aviemuc/Flikr
While one in four Norwegians take their car for a spin and chat on their mobile simultaneously, almost half of Norwegian think phone use impairs driving.

A survey by NetCom in June surveyed some 425 Norwegians. Almost one in two thought that using a mobile while driving was a bad idea. 

Sending SMS while driving was outlawed in Norway on May 2nd this year. It also became illegal to access your email, to make updates on social media, and to upload photos while behind the wheel of a car. Speaking on the phone is still legal.

"Most people are good at using a headset when they drive, because the survey shows that 63 percent use a hands-free when the phone rings," said NetCom spokeswoman Charlotte N. Erikstad. 

"But there is still one in five who simply answer the phone, and we'd like to advice those drivers to use a hands-free set or give the phone to a passenger to answer."



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